In many ways, I still haven’t left home. I’m constantly in contact with everyone important to me, mostly exactly the same as I had been before I left Canada. I’m always on my phone, texting with them, sending pictures, reading the same news and bogs that I do at home. In some ways, all that’s changed is that I have to walk father for a decent cup of coffee.

It wasn’t always like this. The last (and only other) significant travel I’ve done was a different experience. I had no cell phone, no reliable internet at my fingertips. I had to talk to people (actual people!) to find out about what was worth doing, where I should go next. I had to plan my calls home, going to an internet cafe in my off hours to Skype with family. I wasn’t just away from home, I was separated from it, cut off. Binding with other travelers was easier, because they were the only contact I had with anything familiar.

Not so here. Does that make it less of an experience? I’m certainly less likely to spontaneously hop on a bus to another city with a person who was a stranger two hours ago. On the other hand, I’m here more for work than for play, so maybe that’s okay.

Published on 30 November 2014 and tagged as
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