Two days ago, I was eating dinner at the Mandarin in Toronto. Now, I’m typing out a blog post on my phone under a mosquito net in Kigali.

How did I get here?

It seemed like a good idea when I was organising the trip. It still does. It’s my last elective of medical school. After this, it’s back to the classroom, to note-taking, to Windsor. What better way to spend those final four weeks then doing something that I may never have the chance to do again, that will challenge me personally and professionally, and expose me to a new and entirely different cultural context from the one that I know? Four weeks of obstetrics in Rwanda fit the bill, especially considering how maternal and child health is always such a hot topic in global health.

I landed in country in the wee hours of Monday morning, around 1:30am. I took a taxi to the place that had been suggested, and with the cabbie’s help managed to wake someone who gave me a key to a room. There’s a bed and a table and a rudimentary bathroom, which is a start.

The thing I’ve found about traveling is that good plumbing is hard to find, and is one of the things I miss most when away from home. (Also internet, but mostly plumbing.) This is certainly true where I’m currently staying. There’s no toilet seat, which is awkward, and no shower curtain, which makes for a wet floor. Through the internet, I’ve found a house of expats that is renting a room, so I’ll only be in this building a week more. Of it wasn’t for the internet, I would have a much harder time navigating the world.

I’ll be starting the medicine part of things soon, so more on that to come.

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